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About Us

We always give our best! Our entire team is made up of basketball professionals with an extensive background in the industry.

Meet Our Founder

Antonio Houston started his basketball journey in 2004 at the early age of 9, playing for a Police Athletic League team named the “The Heat.” His passion would take a back seat to school and a move which would eventually lead his family up north.

In 2010, his dreams would come true with a ball in one hand he took to the court. While at St. Anthony’s, one of the leading schools in the nation for basketball, he would assist in winning two state championships in 2011 and 2012. After high school he was accepted into Felician University, where he would continue to play the sport he loves for 4 years. 

As a trainer, his goal is to teach young boys and girls how to achieve their dreams by hard work and dedication. While in training he will focus on ball handling, change of speed, shooting, and a host of other skills. By the end of training he would like for all his clients to be able to handle any challenge on and off the court.

what we do

Meal Plans

At BATS4U we offer customized meal plans to help you maintain your athletic physique. During training it’s important to maintain a strict meal regimen this will enhance your game.

Training Programs

Our programs are custom designed to ensure that you excel in every area of your athleticism.

Weight Lifting Strength & Conditioning

Want to improve your skills in weight lifting & strength? Our trainers will create a one-on-one workout guide to help improve your skills!

Dedicated to taking others to the next level

During Antonio's high school and college career, Antonio had the privilege of working with several world renown trainers. Justin Zormelo, who has trained individuals such as Kevin Durant, Andrew Wiggins, and Rajon Rondo just to name a few. He’s also had the pleasure of working with Kevin Graham, who’s trained individuals such as Trey Burke, John Wall, and Dion Waiters. 

While training with these great trainers he decided to try his hand at training in 2013. He was only 18 years old when he began to give back to the local elementary, middle, and high schools in his area. Antonio thought back to what one of his teachers taught him in school. Once you’ve master something if you can teach it to someone else then you really understand it inside and out. He’s been truly blessed to provide support to others and help them take their game to the next level. While he’s been privileged to train in many facilities, alongside some of the greatest trainers in the world. 

His ultimate goal is to provide young people that nudge, encouragement, and knowledge they need, to not just be GOOD, but to be GREAT, at this game he holds so near and dear to his heart BASKETBALL.


Jordan Compas

Small Forward Trainer
My name is Jordan Compas, I am a 23 year old college student who loves the game of basketball. In high school, I played for the prestigious St. Anthony Friars High school in Jersey City with Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Hurley.  For AAU I played for Team Izod/Sports U. I came to win a state and national championship with the Friars. In college, I played for Essex County College in Newark, NJ, winning 2 Region championships and my first year there we made it to the national championship where we unfortunately fell short of the championship. I completed my college career at Division II Felician University Golden Falcons.

Bernard Boa

Strength and Conditioning Trainer
My name is Bernard Boa. Strength and conditioning has been apart of my life since my high school days. As a former soccer and track&field athlete (shot putter), my strength and conditioning always had to be at its peak. I began to help others get their strength and conditioning on point during my college days at Felician University and it has become a passion. I see strength and conditioning as a way to help people not only to better their bodies but also their minds. I work with both male and female athletes of all ages and fitness levels. I love what I do and my goal is to make people better.

Hallice Cooke

Shooting Guard Trainer
Hallice Cooke was born on January 5, 1995 in Harlem, New York.  Mr. Cooke grew up in Union City, New Jersey.   He is currently twenty-three (24) years old.  
In High School, he played for legendary coach Bob Hurley at St. Anthony’s.   During his senior year, the team went 28-2.  Mr. Cooke was a highly ranked senior guard and was recruited by several major colleges.   
Mr. Hallice Cooke played collegiate Division 1 Basketball at Oregon State University (2013-2014), Iowa State University (2015-2016), and completed his collegiate career at University of Nevada-Reno.

Don't just be good, be great at the game!

As a trainer, BATS4U family goals is to teach young boys and girls how to achieve their dreams by hard work and dedication. Providing them the foundational skills and knowledge of this wonderful game called basketball that we hold near and dear to our heart. While in training he will focus on ball handling, change of speed, shooting, and a host of other skills. By the end of training we would like for all of our clients to be able to handle any challenge on and off the court.


Great workout works on all your weaknesses and motivates you to keep on going and not get comfortable. Always pushes you to do better.
- Christian, BATS4U Trainee
He is a good coach, pushes you to work hard. He has good coaching techniques. He pointed the mistakes I was doing when handling the ball, and showed me the proper way to do it.
- Inga, BATS4U Trainee
Antonio is a great coach. he has a lot of drills to improve your skills and has the patience to teach children. As soon as I saw him deal with my son, I knew I made the right choice. My son and I both feel comfortable working with him. I recommend him highly to improve skills.
- Elijah, BATS4U Trainee
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